The C-DE videos were developed to help audiences understand the 12 step C-DE process shortly and systematically. The objective of using animation was to employ tools like infographics and case studies to make the process more relatable for the audiences.

The training workshops for IIPA and LBSNAA were designed to be interactive and informative as they navigated participants through the C-DE process. Since the workshops were entirely virtual we used tools like Miro, use cases, feedback form to guide the discussions. These videos encapsulate the workshops and the discussions that flowed from them.

The user journey videos are an animated series breaking down the experience of three different users on iGOT Karmayogi. The videos use a mix of animation and footage from the iGOT Karmayogi website to give users a lay of the land and how to navigate the platform. The videos also correspond with the user journey infographics.