Institute of Secretariat Training and Management

Our work with the Institute of Secretariat Training and Management (ISTM) in reframing their induction course for Assistant Section Officers (ASO) tries to incorporate principles of task-oriented problem solving and building communication skills.

For the revamped induction course which is now two years instead of the previous 11 weeks, C-LOP, with faculty from ISTM identified the functional, behavioural and domain competencies that each ASO needs. Based on these needs, corresponding courses, on the job training and field visits were identified. This new program will be provided at ISTM in a classroom setting and through an online system which curates the most relevant courses for an ASO.  

This vision to move beyond the status quo and break inter and intra-departmental silos by redesigning the foundational training programme will enable ASOs to acquire a deeper understanding of the functioning of the government and be prepared to take on new responsibilities.